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My break finishes next week so I doubt I will have time to read NT and honestly I want to do other things this week apart from reading light novels.

So I guess that’s good news for you; no more highlights


I still have to read the side stories but I think I can say that I finished reading the Toaru majutsu no index series.

Next is New Testament, but I think I could accept the ending of Volume 22 as the ending of the story.

"And, though this is only in jest, in terms of relationships and all related matters, I feel that Hamazura has made the most progress. In this type of situation, the only main character who can answer questions like “But haven’t you already chosen >insert person here” is probably him. A certain spiky-haired boy somewhere else seems to have gotten into this problem as well."

— Kamachi Kazuma (Volume 22 afterword)


Battered and bruised.

His right hand had been cut off.

Exposed to the cold snowstorm that was like blades, being unable to move even a finger. At this rate, he would be buried under the snow.

At that moment…

Snowy footsteps could be heard. Thinking about this as he faced the sky now, he saw a human shape. Instead of saying that they walked near, it was more like they both had appeared at the same time, an unnatural way of appearing.

An enigmatic duo.

One of them was a blond woman. She had goggles on her forehead, a thick material dark-colored jacket and an apron used for work. It looked crude, but on closer inspection, it was rather tasteful, and gave off the feeling of an English maid.

The other person was a blond man. His aquamarine thin shirt was accompanied by a camel-colored lambskin vest.



Fiamma of the Right, asked in a hoarse voice.



“I am a pathetic magician who once should have become a Magic God, but had that position stolen by One-Eyed Othinus.”


Misaka Mikoto arrived at the coast.


They had pushed on and pushed on and pushed on in the direction the flying fortress had gone and they had finally ended up at that fishing harbor.


She could not find the slightest thing that would act as a clue to that boy’s whereabouts.

Mikoto looked around the area as if she was at a complete loss as to what to do, but she finally picked up a large stick. She stretched the stick down from the concrete bank and stirred up the ocean water that was wrapped in ice like a soda from a café.

Some kind of small mass of plastic got caught on the end of the stick.

“What is that?” asked the Sister from the side.

Mikoto did not respond.

She recognized it.

It was a Gekota strap that had been torn off at the string by some great force.

It was the item that the two of them had acquired on September 30th. 

"You just need to look at your own actions from a different viewpoint. Just by doing that, you should be able to understand the true nature of that power. …If you had succeeded in doing that, you may have reached your goal before I did."

— Aleister Crowley to Fiamma


If the identity of Academy City’s board chairman was as Laura suspected, she had the right to destroy Crowley. And traditionally, the assets of the target of a witch hunt would be seized by the church.

In other words, they still had a chance to completely absorb Academy City and the science side.

Of course, even if her suspicions were correct, she doubted he would obediently go along with it all. She could not deny the possibility that a fourth great war would occur. However, that did not matter. As long as she had a chance, as long as she had the beginning of a means to bring the entire world into her hands, it did not matter at all.


Then go find out on your own from now on.

He could not allow it to be trampled on.

Even if he had to face a true monster, he could not allow the world that boy had risked his life to save to be trampled on any more.


“…Why?” Fiamma muttered. “I could not do it. I should have had the power needed to save this world just like the Son of God. And yet I could not do it.”

“It was not an issue of the type or amount of power. It was nothing more than an issue of how you used it,” Aleister Crowley said in disinterested voice.(…)”If instead of the Aeon of Osiris…that is, the laws under the control of solely the Christian Church, you had formatted it in the Aeon of Horus that lies beyond it, you may have had your eye on a position similar to mine.”